With its ruby red color, round notes of plum, red
cherry and a hint of chocolate, Cavit Merlot is
perfect on its own, or when paired with pasta or
grilled meats.
    With its ruby red color with violet reflections and rounded notes
    of plum, red cherry and a hint of chocolate, it's no wonder America
    loves Cavit Merlot.

     plum, red cherry and a hint of chocolate
    CHEESE/NUTS: Parmesan • Romano • Chestnuts
    MEAT/FOWL: Grilled Meats • Steak
    SEAFOOD: Grilled Swordfish • Salmon
    VEGETABLES/FRUIT: Carmelized Onions • Tomatoes • Plums
    HERB/SPICE: Mint • Rosemary • Juniper
    SAUCES: Bolognese • Béarnaise
    DESSERTS: Dark Chocolate • Fondue • Berries
    GRAPES: 100% Merlot
    VINEYARD: In Trentino, Merlot has found a particularly favorable environment and has become one of the region's more abundantly cultivated red grapes.
    WINEMAKING: Grapes for Cavit Merlot are selected primarily from the vineyards of Trentino's Valle Lagarina (Lagarina Valley). After a traditional maceration on the skins, the wine is transferred into glass-lined or stainless steel tanks and, in outstanding vintages, is aged in oak barrels.
    ALCOHOL %: 12.1
    SIZES: Available in 750ml, 1.5L and 187ml sizes.
    Enjoy at room temperature.